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Welcome to Niecon, a family owned residential contractor. The company is small by design enabling the founder, Dan Niederlehner, to personally work on each and every project. Kitchen, bath and whole house renovations, along with finished basements and decks are current primary areas of operation. Niecon provides the highest quality workmanship and exceptional service, fostering long-lasting relationships with our clients. 
Experience.  Dan Niederlehner, the owner of Niecon Homes, is a master carpenter by trade.  He has personally installed and worked on many of the items found in a house during the course of his long-time career in home building and remodeling, and takes great pride in his work and perfecting his craft. His skills include but are not limited to: framing, roofing, rough & finish carpentry, cabinetry, tile installation, drywall, painting, exterior trim/siding and decking. Dan is also knowledgeable in light electrical, HVAC and plumbing.  
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Hands-on.  As an onsite contractor, Dan has personally supervised and managed every project by Niecon since the business began in 1981. In fact, it is common for Dan to work on the job utilizing his many skills; few contractors are personally qualified to perform all of these tasks. Dan cares for each home in which he works as if it were his own and he personally sees to it that all construction sites are kept safe and clean.  
Partners. On items that Dan does not install personally, Niecon has long-standing relationships with reliable, talented and experienced subcontractors and suppliers. Niecon will contract and schedule our partners to install these items on our projects.
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Design + Build.  On custom  projects, Niecon offers a full service design + build team approach to take our customers' vision through construction with a single point of contact. Successful projects require a great design, quality materials, an organized schedule, knowledgeable and attentive supervision, skilled, reliable craftsmen, as well as competent office and administrative support, and Niecon proudly offers these services.
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​Team.  The Niecon team is genuinely dedicated to meeting customer needs, and strives to deliver quality, yet cost effective projects, while building a strong, productive relationship with our clients. All work is performed with our customers' best interest in mind. The complicated process of customers attempting to manage separate designer/architects, specialty contractors and product vendors from a number of different companies often needlessly complicates a project. Conflict and miscommunication are common results from this outdated methodology. Our team approach consistently delivers an exceptional project with complete customer satisfaction.
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Communication.  A critical component required for a rewarding home project and a positive customer/contractor relationship is effective communication. Niecon listens carefully, provides honest feedback and pricing, translating customer visions into reality. On custom build and larger remodeling projects, our clients appreciate weekly progress report emails informing them of the status of the project. We are flexible in scheduling around reasonable requests to minimize interruptions at your home during the work day.  Dan is very approachable on each project as he works on the job. Niecon prides itself with prompt responses to all customer phone calls, texts and emails. In addition, all changes to fixed price contracts are documented in a timely manner, and an updated total project cost is provided. It is amazing how many contractors do not keep customers informed of changes in cost until the project is complete, and often surprising the customer with extreme cost overages that remained undocumented throughout construction.  
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Dedication.  To fully serve the needs of our customers, Niecon Homes schedules work on only one major custom job at a time, allowing each project to be carefully planned and properly executed. This commitment alleviates customer frustration from a lack of attention, adequate supervision, and unnecessary construction delays.
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Honesty & Integrity.  Poor experiences are prevalent in residential construction which include dishonest contractor behavior and high pressure sales
tactics, poor quality work, project delays, upselling, cost overruns, fraud and terrible customer service. Niecon has been built on a solid foundation of high ethical and moral standards, providing detailed, honest and unbiased information, along with ​​realistic time estimates early in the process, minimizing unexpected cost overruns.  Beware of low cost estimates with vague details from deceitful contractors - the final cost is often much more than anticipated and/or the quality of materials, labor, supervision and  administration is inferior. Niecon never suggests unnecessary work simply to increase revenues. Niecon is insured; our suppliers and subcontractors are always paid in a timely manner, so our Customers don't have to worry about vendors hounding them to be paid due to non-payment by the contractor. We will even provide a Paid-In-Full Final Affidavit upon request. Niecon has never been subject to a mechanics lien, has never been sued for construction defects or any other issue, and has never declared bankruptcy. Customers can expect Niecon to be professional, reliable, and fulfill its obligations with honesty and integrity.  
Trust.  On remodeling and home service projects, our Customers place trust in Niecon to enter their homes, which is not something we take lightly.  You can be confident that Dan will be onsite working, rather than many different workers coming and going in your house on a daily basis. On occasion where there is work to be performed and Dan will not remain onsite throughout the work day, our customers are notified in advance. 
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Loyalty.  Previous customers are so pleased with the thoughtfulness, responsiveness, quality of work, and personal service provided by Dan Niederlehner and the Niecon team, they  often call on us for future work. The loyalty shown by these customers is gratifying, and Niecon takes care of these special customers with preferential treatment and priority scheduling, especially during emergency situations.
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Niecon is passionate in pleasing our customers to the best of our ability with the goal of complete satisfaction.   Customers trust Niecon to deliver a high quality product and a pleasant construction experience. The conservative nature of construction, high standards of workmanship quality, along with a personal attention to detail both on and off each jobsite ensure superior finished products and virtually 100% customer satisfaction rate. 
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