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With over 30 years experience as a craftsman in the home construction business, Dan Niederlehner, the owner of Niecon Homes is uniquely qualified to remedy home maintenance and repair items. With the reputation of an honest, competent and reliable professional, Dan performs a wide variety of home services desired at a reasonable cost, and always in the best interest of our customers.   

Homes - Dan Niederlehner working on a job
Niecon Homes - Mainntenance and Repair Services
Niecon Homes - Dan Niederlehner working on a job

Home Maintenance Items.  

 A well maintained home is nice in appearance, but more importantly, minimizes the need for expensive and possibly preventable repairs.  In addition, simple maintenance reduces threats to your home and family safety. For your convenience, the following routine home maintenance items are commonly recommended at least once a year. Fortunately, many of these items can be completed by a handy homeowner: 



Clean & check gutters/downspouts for misalignment or damage (spring & fall).

Check and clean dryer vent and other exterior exhaust vents. 

Check outdoor faucets for leaks.  Store garden hoses inside (fall). 

Drain and turn off outside faucets if a valve exists (fall).

Inspect, repair, caulk & repaint exterior trim & siding as needed (spring/fall). 

Check windows and doors for weather-tightness; caulk and paint as necessary.

Clean debris from window wells.

Trim trees and shrubs within 12 inches from the house (fall).  

Clean deck, reseal and repair as necessary.

Inspect and repair deteriorated brick and mortar.

Assure exterior drainage slopes away from the house.

Inspect and repair foundation cracks.   

Remove window screens (fall); clean/repair/replace screens (spring).

Reseal or repair concrete and asphalt as necessary.

Inspect fireplace flue/chimney and clean as necessary (fall).

Inspect roof for damaged, loose or missing shingles.  

Check flashing around roof stacks, vents and skylights for leaks.

Check exterior vents, louvers and chimney for pests, and repair entry points.

Minimize ice dams and icicles (winter).



Test smoke/carbon monoxide detectors, and replace batteries (spring & fall).

Clean and test sump pump if you have one (spring & fall). 

Check fire extinguishers.  Review family emergency procedures.

Prepare air conditioning system for summer and heating system for winter. 

Change or clean heating and air conditioning filters as recommended.   

Recaulk around showers, bathtubs, sinks and countertops needing attention.

Inspect faucets for leaks. Clean faucet aerators/replace washers as needed.

Check toilets for leaks and repair as necessary.  

Clean refrigerator coils.

Clean disposal with vinegar ice cubes to freshen and sharpen blades.

Clean Kitchen exhaust filter.

Clean drains with baking soda.  Pour water down unused drains.

Tighten handles and knobs. Lubricate door hinges. 

Check door and window locks and deadbolts.

Clean out dirt and lubricate window and exterior door tracks. 

Inspect and lubricate garage door hardware and test auto-reverse feature.

Check under/around Kitchen & Bath cabinets for leaks; repair as needed.

Test GFCI outlets and remaining electric for proper operation.  

Inspect and regout damaged tiled areas.

Test water heater pressure relief valve; flush to remove sediment.

Check basement for cracks, leaks, dampness and mold. Remedy as required.

Check attic for damage, leaks, insulation, ventilation, and pests (fall).

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